Hyper Maze

Vanished Pixel Rush
Hyper Maze Arcade is as an evolution of the classic maze game.
The aim of the game is to create a maze puzzle that is challenging, dynamic and never ending, but not so difficult that you have to stop and think for more than a couple of seconds.

Gameplay mechanics, as long as graphic and electronic music that will evolve as you proceed through the maze, are born from the inspiration of music games gems like Rez and Super Hexagon.
The game is really simple: you control a cube inside a moving maze. This cube will travel automatically through the maze until it reaches an intersection. Then you’ll decide its next direction. If you choose right, the cube will continue to cross the maze. If you choose wrong, the cube will follow the wrong path, and eventually remain out of the screen causing the game to end. As you proceed through the maze, the game becomes more and more challenging and complex.
Hyper Maze Arcade will be available shortly on iOs for free.
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