Pixel Heart is a tiny indie developer studio based in Modena, Italy.
We started making games in 2013, driven by a very strong passion for videogames. Over the years we have worked on many types of games, to test and grow our knowledge and skills.
We focuse mainly on mobile games, for their immediacy and beautiful simplicity. But we also have plans for PC and console games. That is our target for the future.
For now, we try our best to make fun and engaging games for mobile.
We have a lot of ideas in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

- The crew -


Programmer & game designer.
He loves to play videogames (especially role-playing games) and make electronic music. He made his first game with RPG Maker when he was 17, and fell in love with game programming as soon as he started it, a couple of years later.
He believes that reality is nothing but the expression of our senses and therefore, in a certain way, games are no less real than reality itself.

More about Marco


Art director and concept artist.
She loves to draw, read fantasy books and play tabletop games. When she's not busy at drawing sketches for new games, she likes to play online shooting games.
She thinks that sooner or later Cthulhu will conquer the universe..


Lead of testing department.
He often takes naps between one playthrough and another, but his advices are fundamental for gameplay improvements.
As you'd expect from an italian hamster, he loves pasta!
He's working very hard to advance his position in the company and become project manager.