Ego Incanto

Enter in a world of magic, where mystical creatures awaits you!
Explore a fantastic world populated by strange creatures and uncover its mysteries.
Combine magical elements to create destructive spells.
Solve bizarre riddles and discover the secrets of the arcane art of magic.
Defeat the lords of chaos and restore peace to the land, in this platform-style adventure game.

*Game is in pre-alpha stage

The Forgotten Tales

A classic point and click adventure, set in a small country town in the northern part of Italy.

The graphic of the game were obtained by processing and downscaling real photos, taken in different locations near a town called Arceto.

"An old professor found dead in the middle of a park. Some kind of ancient ritual performed on him. Mysterious symbols all around his body.
Notes written in an unknown, unspeakable language were found in his study.
The locals are shocked, no one can explain how such a thing could have happened in a town apparently so quiet ... but some of them could be hiding an obscure truth.
The older ones speak of a nameless prophecy: the arrival of 'something'.
Strange beings begin lurking in the shadows after the nightfall..."

Cube Jump!

Voxel style infinite running game for mobile with tons of funny characters to unlock.

Evil Cupido

A game made in less than 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 32. The theme was "Unconventional Weapon" and we decided to reverse the meaning of the word 'weapon'.
Normally, a weapon is something that can be used to hurt other people, and we came up with the idea of a weapon that doesn’t hurt people directly. A weapon that makes them hurt each other instead.
So we thought of Cupido, the greek god of love, and his bow that triggers love and desire. But in our reverse and twisted thinking, his arrows makes people (and other entities) hate each other instead of loving each other.
And so Evil Cupido was born.

The gameplay is simple: use your bow to shoot arrows at peolpe, animals and objects to make them hate each other and solve various puzzles.



Quite Hard Tunes

Explore a minimalistic procedurally generated world and fight the glitch that are corrupting it.
Collect sounds and combine them to generate weapons. Destroy the sound glitches and fight the noise.
As you progress and evolve, the music and the backgrounds will evolve with you.
The game featured the fusion of minimal techno and chiptunes sounds, along with abstract and pixel graphics.


The idea behind ELEKTRONS was to create a circular drum machine. Classic drum machines are 'linear': they allow the programming of sounds on different lines. Every line, called pattern, has it own drum sample. Each line has the same duration, starts at the same time, progress simultaneously with others lines, ends at the same time and has the same tempo as the other lines.
In elektrons, each sound line (pattern) is represented by a circular orbit, like electrons around a nucleus.
Thanks to this 'circular' feature, it is easier to visualize and interact with each line/pattern independently from the others. Every pattern can have a different tempo and different signature. Every line can be shifted and modified, to create grooves never heard before!